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Sometimes clients require video or audio voice-over where a native speaker of the source language will read a translated monologue in the target language. An experienced voice-over actor ensures that the target audience will clearly understands what is being communicated. With the increase of globalization, the use of foreign language voice-over recordings is providing many companies with a highly effective and effecient communication tool. Voice-overs are utilized in many industries and play an essential role in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, marketing research, legal and healthcare industries.

We have the right voices for all kinds of projects, including:
     •  IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems
     •  Commercials
     •  Promotional or corporate films
     •  Lip-sync dubbing for movies
     •  Documentaries
     •  Training materials
     •  Legal materials (such as courtroom instructions)
     •  Auto-attendant
     •  English voices with authentic regional or foreign accents, or standard English narrators.