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Translation Services Cambodia (TS Cambodia) is a leading language service agency in Cambodia with over 13 years of proven experience in the language industry. We are a full-service agency. Our translation service includes editing and proofreading by different native linguists with a final quality check by our expert project manager at no additional charge. We are capable of handling all types of documents, going to and from all file formats, as well as undertaking complex, high volume translation projects. Our most demanded translation services are: 

    • Certified Translation
    • Business & Corporate Translation
    • Scientific & Technical Translation

Certified Translation:
Certified translation requires to be an exact translation of sources and must abide by the requirements of the involved authorities. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional language service provider like TS Cambodia where all types of translation services can be provided, and quality is assured. Please tell us your purpose and we will take care of it for you. We can assure you that the certified translation provided meets the needs of the relevant authorities for your purposes. Some of the documents we have handled include:
• Adoption Papers
• Birth Certificates
• Business Contracts/Agreements
• Certificates of Doctor
• Court Orders
• Customs’ Documents
• Death Certificates
• Diplomas/School Records
• Divorce Certificates
• Driving Licenses
• Employment Verification Letters
• Family Book/Registries
• Letter of References
• Marriage Certificates
• Medical Records/Reports
• Police Clearance Letters
• Real Estate Deeds, Leases & Contracts
• Regulatory Documents
• Sales Receipts
• Visas
• Wills
• and more…

Business and Corporate Translation:

Business and Corporate translation requires linguists with significant experience and specialization in the industry. TS Cambodia works with both translators and CAT tools to produce the highest quality service at the most reasonable rate. Our translators are professional linguists of the target language and who have extensive experience across the industry spectrum. For over a decade, TS Cambodia has been providing premier language services in this sector and has been trusted by our clients and partners from around the world. Some of our specialist fields include:

• Accounting
• Agriculture
• Arts & Architecture
• Beauty & Hygiene
• Business & Commerce
• Culture & Humanity
• Economics
• Education, Training & Pedagogy
• Fashion & Design
• Financial & Banking
• Government & Public Services
• Journalism & Social Media
• Legal & Formalities
• Logistics & Shipping
• Manufacturing & Retail
• Marketing & Advertising
• Media & Television
• Military & Defense
• Public Relations
• Recreation & Sport
• Travel & Hospitality
• Tourism
• and more… 

Scientific and Technical Translation:
Scientific & Technical Translation is a highly specialized field that requires extremely qualified translators. For this reason, TS Cambodia uses only specialist translators who are native speakers of the target language and have solid experience in the discipline to undertake projects in these areas. For over a decade, TS Cambodia has been providing premier language services in this sector and has been trusted by our clients and partners from around the world. Some of the specific specializations we have handled include:

• Automobile
• Biology
• Cardiology
• Chemistry
• Engineering & construction
• Environment
• Geology
• Medical
• Meteorology
• Nuclear
• Pedagogy
• Pharmaceutical
• Physics
• Psychology
• Veterinary Science
• Zoology
• Machinery
• Transportation
• Telecommunications
• and more…