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Resource Bank When you’re working with several different language service providers (LSPs), you’re more than likely to run into challenges with quality control. At Translation Services Cambodia, we are striving to provide world class services and committed to the highest quality translation work. In order to accomplish this, we have developed an error free and rigorous quality assurance and control process and this process is strictly applied to every translation project unless otherwise requested by the clients.

 Step 1
After the quotation has been approved by the client and the file to be translated has been received, the most appropriate Project Manager will be appointed to handle the project. Our Project Managers are professional linguists with extensive experiences in managing translation projects. Only the Project Manager whose background and experiences matches the client’s project will be appointed.

Step 2
After the most appropriate Project Manager has been appointed, he/she begins to assess and analyze the translating documents. Then he/she develops an appropriate translation guideline, glossary of terminology and relevant reference materials for the project. Next, the Project Manager identifies and assigns the most suitable specialist translators and editors/proofreaders to handle the translation project. Only translators and editors/proofreaders whose experiences and industry specific knowledge matches to the client’s project will be appointed to handle the project.

Step 3
Before beginning the translating work, all specialist translators and editor/proofreaders assigned are given a complete set of reference materials and fully briefed by the Project Manager. Then, the translators begin to translate the documents in accordance with the guidelines, terminology and reference materials provided. With strong professional experiences and industry specific knowledge and a complete set of reference materials on hand, our translators can assure that the intended meaning, industry specific terminology and culturally adaptations are captured. The complete translation file is then sent to the Project Manager.

Step 4
The Project Manager runs through the translated file. Then, he/she sends the translated file to the assigned editors/proofreaders for editing and proofreading to ensure that the translation work is done accurately and appropriately. This means, the translation work is free of errors and culturally accepted with the highest quality that meets the client’s expectation.  Once completed, the editors/proofreaders send the edited file with comments to the Project Manager. 

Step 5
Upon receiving the edited file, the editors/proofreaders runs through the file before sending it back to the translators who worked on the original translation to fix and make all the necessary changes as suggested by the editors/proofreaders. Once completed, the translated file is returned to the Project Manager.

Step 6
After receiving the translated file, the Project Manager sends it to DTP Specialist to fix and adjust the format, style, and layout to ensure that it meets the client’s requirements. Once completed the DTP specialist sends the file to the Project Manager.

Step 7
Upon receiving the file from the DTP specialist, the Project Manager sends the file to the second proofreader to have another look to ensure that the translators have incorporated comments appropriately and most importantly the translation is error free. Then, he/she returns the file the Project Manager.

Step 8
Upon receiving the file, the Project Manager will perform the final quality check to ensure the highest quality of translation that is error free and meets the clients’ requirements. Then, the final translation is sent to the client. As we are committed to the highest quality services, if by any chance the quality is not quite satisfactory, we are willing to work with the client at no extra cost until the quality is satisfactorily accepted.